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Professore Dave's e-incubator

Your safe place to connect, learn and grow as a professional web designer.

This is a private membership/mastermind community for web designers looking for connection with like-minded web professionals, ongoing support and direct access to Josh for coaching and training.

When you join, you get access to:

Weekly Live Calls with Josh

Weekly live calls which include Q&A’s, AMA’s (ask me anything’s with Josh) Website Reviews & Special Live Events

Monthly Trainings

Exclusive, member-only trainings on hot topics in web design by Josh and other web design professionals.

Private Messaging with Josh

You get a private thread with Josh for answers to questions, direction and mentorship in your journey.

Community & Connection

Connect with amazing designers from all of the world and have a world-class community backing you.

An Instant Referral Network

You’re automatically in with an amazing network of professionals to refer to (and often get referrals from.)

Member Calls

You’ll get a chance to jump on open discussion calls with other members for deeper connection and support.

Support & Help

Super-helpful answers to questions or problems you have whether technical or business related.

Member Forums

Categorized forums (“spaces” in the club) lead to organized conversations help, inspiration and connection.

Josh's Personal Network

Access to Josh’s personal network of designers, freelancers, experts and web design professionals.
For all the details, be sure to check out the FAQ’s below!
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“I’m currently over 3x more profitable over where I was last year at this time! And, I can’t even tell you how awesome having the support of the club has been. If I had to attribute ONE THING to my growth, that would be it. Just changed entire mindset and way of approaching things.”

Sandra R.


Dave’s top 5 reasons to join the club:

  1. It’s SOOO much better than Facebook groups – Distractions, ads, polarizing content and aunt Jane trying to PM you are all common issues we face with being in a group on Facebook or any social media. This club is different because when you’re there, you’re there. It’s filled with members who are active, helpful and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with like-minded people in a non-distracting environment.
  2. It’s the most supportive/helpful community online – Speaking of like-minded people, by joining, you’re immediately welcomed into the our amazing and supportive community of web designers and web entrepreneurs of all walks of life and who are all in different phases of their business. The difference between us and free Facebook groups? We’re all like minded and helpful. We weed out the spammers, the haters and the bad apples that plague free Facebook groups. You can ask questions, engage and share any knowledge you have without having to fear getting torn to shreds.
  3. You’ll have an instant, amazing network – I spent years building up my network of trustworthy web designers who specialize in certain areas. Many of these are members here in the club. By joining, you’ll not only have immediate access to MY personal network but you’ll be linked in with other members, both brand new and established who you can network with, partner up with and refer to (and get referrals from!)
  4. The platform is freak’n awesome – I went through a painstaking process deciding what I was going to build this club on and I’m so glad I chose, a brand new membership based platform that is on the forefront of some amazing innovation. The UX is beautiful, it’s clean, distraction free and has the feel of Facebook/Slack and LinkedIn but the topics and threads are organized.
  5. You and me (Josh) will have a private ongoing chat – That’s right, as a member you’ll have the ability to privately message me. If you ever want to pick my brain or ask any tough questions that you’d like to keep confidential, I’ll be there to help guide and mentor you moving forward. As my brand grows, I won’t be able to answer all the random emails and messages that come in, so I intentionally wanted to create an opportunity to stay connected with my best students and that’s what we’ll have together in this club. By joining, it’s guaranteed that you and I can privately chat moving forward!

Thoughts on the club from real members:

Enough from me though, here are some thoughts from a handful of active members!


“When I stumbled across Josh’s courses I had just come out of a major scope creep situation and that was my reason for signing up. Getting into the courses has boosted my confidence and it’s been a huge time saver for me with his systems and processes!”

Shannon M.


“This was a very good investment as I made my money back very quickly after just the first couple of projects and I was immediately kick-started into my own web design business!”

Matt P.


“5 months after purchasing the course bundle, I’ve finished 6 websites, I have 4 more in the works, I have recurring income and I couldn’t have done it without this guidance. Thank you Josh!”

Amber K.


“When I stumbled across Josh’s courses I had just come out of a major scope creep situation and that was my reason for signing up. Getting into the courses has boosted my confidence and it’s been a huge time saver for me with his systems and processes!”

Leo Reese-Evans (United Kingdom)


“I’m someone who was coming from a different career and I knew I needed a proven path to follow. Josh’s courses helped me save so much time by learning from Josh who’s spent years revising his process and who’s had a ton of success!”

Shannon Morris (United States)


“There are so many gems here. Too many to mention. I highly recommend Josh’s courses. They’ll give you the solid foundation you need to build your web design business. The only regret I have is that I didn’t take these courses sooner. It would’ve saved me so much time!”

Lisa Breedt
(South Africa)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a web design freelancer, agency owner or web design professional who’s serious about your business, then it’s for you! There’s no minimum requirement for years of experience or income level to join as this is a place for connection, networking, growth, accountability, more direct access to Josh and ongoing trainings.

For you who are just starting and who want to learn web design, I recommend starting off with my Web Design Courses and joining my free Divi Facebook Support Group as this club is a permium membership for those who are again, serious about building their businesses. But again, even folks early on in the journey are welcome to become a member.

P.S. Even if you’re new in your web design journey, you have so much to give back already so don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned early on!

No, my courses are separate and are built in an entirely different system (LearnDash) and will remain stand alone products. Reason being is that the courses are built to go through at your convienance and when you need those trainings the most. The club here does include monthly trainings but those are topics that are around and outside of what I teach in my courses. The courses also include lifetime access so when you join a course, you’ll have access to all upgrades and additions. The club is a membership, subscription model for ongoing support, community, networking, advanced trainings and access to me (Josh).

A course is a point A to point B, start to finish training on a certain subject. The web design club is much more ongoing, connection and community oriented and will feature advanced trainings that don’t require their own course or fill in the gaps between many of my current courses.

Nope, you’re welcome to join even if you haven’t been through any of my web design courses. Though, most members have been through one or more of my courses and they will be referenced by myself and other members in the forums.

I’m using a brand new platform called How do I put it in professional terms…it’s freaking awesome. It’s like a mix between Facebook (without the distractions and polarization), Slack and LinkedIn.

The UX (user experience) is beautiful, it’s easy to navigate and get used to, you can customize your notifications with ease, it lends itself to distraction-free conversations, it’s quick and snappy and Circle continues to release new features and upgrades constantly. They’re on the cutting edge with builder forum-based and membership sites so I’m personally very happy to have chosen Circle to be the foundation of our community.

I’m super excited to say…YES! There is a brand new app version of the community for IOS and it’s awesome. Andriod (at the time of Jan 2021) is coming soon.

The monthly trainings are exclusive, member-only trainings that focus on a variety of topics in and around web design and the business side of things to help you in your web design journey. Unlike courses, these are more webinar style trainings where members can join live and ask questions. The trainings are a mix of presentations by Josh and trainings with experts in a certain field.

If you miss a training or can’t make it live, no worries. They’re all archived for you!

The weekly Q&A’s are a chance for you to ask any pressing questions you have live and on the spot with other members attending as well. Don’t worry, you won’t be on camera 🙂 That is, unless you’d like to come on live when we do website reviews. I often review member websites (either your site or sites you’re working on for clients) and when doing so, you’re welcome to join me and we can talk about your design together while other members join in and watch.

These weekly website reviews and Q&A sessions have proven to be amazing learning experiences for everyone who attends. It’s kind of like getting a free weekly coaching session 🙂 You can watch, learn, apply and reap the benefits for your own designs!

Absolutely. If you’re currently on the monthly subscription, you’ll be able to upgrade to the annual option for a big yearly savings.

If you do need to cancel, no worries; I know there’s a time and place for memberships and coaching and that sometimes, life happens. You can cancel at anytime via your account here. This will automatically stop your billing and you’ll see a pending cancellation. We’ll then cancel your membership in our system at the end of your billing cycle and remove your access to the club. You can reactivate your subscription there as well and re-join the club at any point and if you re-join, your profile, posts and other content in the club will be saved so you won’t need to redo anything if you leave and come back 🙂

Yep! There’s a 14-day, 100% money-back garauntee. If you feel, for whatever reason, that the membership isn’t for you, contact us within 14 days of purchase and you’ll get a full refund.

Have a question?

Contact us and Josh or the team will get back with you stat!


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